Silver-Guard™ Anti-Tarnish Bags

Consumer and industrial customers alike are clearly seeing the benefits of protecting their silver pieces and components inside new Silver-Guard anti-tarnish packaging. Industries worldwide are using reusable, reclosable Silver-Guard zipper bags for storing precious silver. Bags are non-toxic, recyclable, and parts are clearly visible inside the bag even when closed. It is a more economical, effective solution than using anti-tarnish strips and tabs. It significantly reduces packaging time, expense and inventory by achieving superior results in one step, with one product.

Silver-Guard works by removing all sulfide vapors from within a closed environment. The chemicals in Silver-Guard react with the vapors to eliminate the sulfide, and therefore eliminate the risk of tarnish. Unlike other products, Silver-Guard may be placed in direct contact with silver and other noble metals without risk of staining or discoloration.


Silver-Guard is popular not only for consumer items such as flatware, coins, silver serving pieces, jewelry, musical instruments, strings and accessories, it is preferred by electronics manufacturers for tarnish prevention because it does not interfere with solderability, conductivity, or coatings.

To learn more about tarnish prevention with Silver-Guard anti-tarnish bags, please view our Silver-Guard literature.

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