Daubert Cromwell VCI products are used by customers in metal stamping and fabricating, heavy equipment, automotive, electronics, military, aerospace, and other industries where corrosion prevention is critical. Whether your parts need protection for days or years, we have a product to meet your needs.

VCI Paper

We offer the most comprehensive selection of VCI papers for protection of any type of metal: ferrous, non-ferrous, and mulit-metals.

VCI Film

Polyethylene VCI films are available in sheeting, flat, recloseable, and gusseted bags, tubing, and custom sizes.

VCI Emitters

VCI Emitters & Devices emit VCI compounds in enclosed spaces. Available in pouches, emitters, chips,  foam, powders, and more.

Rust Preventive Liquids

Complete line of rust preventive liquids, oils, and coatings to  to prevent rust on exposed metals and unpainted metal parts during all stages of their lifecycle.

Environmentally Friendly

Natural, bio-based VCI products that protect your metal parts and are safe for you and the environment.

Military Packaging

Daubert Cromwell has a complete selection of approved products meeting the strictest requirements of military specifications.


For protecting underground piping in corrosive or severe environments, trust strong and durable Versil-Pak wax barrier material.

Rust Removing Liquids

When you need to remove rust from metal parts before packaging them for storage or shipment, choose from liquid soaking solution or easy to apply gel for vertical spaces.