Premium Metal-Guard® Corrosion Inhibitor ESD Packaging Film

When sensitive electronics need protection from corrosion and electrostatic discharge, manufacturers package them in Daubert Cromwell’s VCI ESD poly film and bags.  Safe, effective Premium Metal-Guard VCI ESD is corrosion inhibitor film with static dissipative properties to prevent damage on components commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and other fabricated metals markets.
  • Protects static-sensitive electronics
  • Does not effect solderability
  • The ESD protection is efficient at relatively low humidity (~15% RH).
  • Odorless, non-toxic and completely recyclable
  • Flexible, durable, heat-sealable
  • Works as a barrier to harmful effects of moisture and humidity
  • Corrosion protection lasts up to 2 years on steel, brass, copper, stainless steel, and similar metals
  • Passes resistivity testing and meets all industry standards recognized in the US and Europe -- RoHS, Prop 65, TL-8135, TRGS 615, and TRGS 900
Parts stay protected until removed from the packaging and put into use.  No further cleaning is required. Film is available in blue, orange, and custom colors; as sheeting, bags, covers, and custom constructions. Ideal for protecting communications equipment, precision machined parts, and static-sensitive devices.

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