Premium Metal-Guard® VCI Poly Film Bags

Clean, dry, long-term corrosion protection for multi-metal parts during storage and shipment.

  • Transparent film allows visual inspection of packaged parts
  • Effective, safe, non-toxic, recyclable
  • Strong, moisture-resistant, tear-resistant
  • Standard in 4 mil, Daubert blue, printed

VCI poly bags are available in:

    • Flat bags - use for small parts or pieces and heat-sealed for storage and shipment
    • Gusseted bags - use to line pallets, crates and boxes or use as covers for large parts such as engines and cam shafts
    • Zip recloseable bags - access commonly used parts and pieces while still providing corrosion protection
    • Bubble bags - flexible, adhesive-top closure that protect metal parts from physical damage and corrosion
Metal Guard gusetted bags roll


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