Corrosion Protection Packaging for Industry

Daubert Cromwell is a global manufacturer of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) protection for metals.

For more than 80 years, quality manufacturers have trusted Daubert Cromwell VCI products to protect their valuable metal parts against corrosion. Our VCI packaging papers, poly films, rust preventive liquids and emitters protect metals from corrosion during all stages of manufacture, storage and shipment all over the world. Through proven quality and years of exemplary service, the company has earned its reputation as "The leading name in corrosion prevention®."

How does VCI work?

VCI works by forming a protective molecular layer on the surface of metal, creating a barrier that prevents oxidation. Read more …

Industries Served

Aerospace & Aviation

Export Shipment


Heavy Equipment

Energy | Wind, Renewables


Energy | Offshore Oil & Gas


Daubert Cromwell VCI Products

Daubert Cromwell VCI products are used by customers in metal stamping and fabricating, heavy equipment, automotive, electronics, military, aerospace, and other industries where corrosion prevention is critical. Whether your parts need protection for days or years, we have a product to meet your needs.

Environmentally Friendly VCI

Clean, Effective, Environmentally Friendly VCI Solutions. Natural, bio-based VCI products that protect your metal parts and are safe for you and the environment.

VCI Poly Films & Bags

Strong, flexible, water-resistant VCI films are available in sheeting, flat, recloseable, and gusseted bags, tubing, and custom sizes.

VCI Paper
VCI papers for protection of  ferrous, non-ferrous, and mulit-metal parts and components.

VCI Emitters
Devices that emit VCI compounds protect recessed areas within a package or enclosed space.

VCI Liquids & Rust Removers
Rust preventive liquids, oils, and coatings prevent rust on exposed metals and unpainted metal parts.

Flexible, greaseproof, waterproof barrier material for protection of underground piping in corrosive or severe environments.