Recycling Daubert Cromwell VCI Products

Daubert Cromwell VCI poly films are fully recyclable. Daubert Cromwell VCI papers and other products, depending on their construction, are also recyclable.

In general, a product is considered recyclable if it meets two criteria. First, it must be in a physical form that allows processing without technical difficulty. Recycling of poly-coated products depends on the type of equipment being used.

Secondly, the product must not present an unusual hazard to health or environment when recycled in normal form. Daubert Cromwell products use an active VCI ingredient that is actually approved for use in foods at low concentrations, therefore is not categorized as hazardous. The concentration levels of active ingredients are further diminished in the production process of any recycled materials. The resulting recycled product is not hazardous to health or the environment when used in a normal manner.

Dr. Jonathan Brekan
Vice President Technology