Military Packaging

Daubert Cromwell has a complete selection of VCI papers and devices for use in military packaging applications, whether it’s to protect individual firearms or ship crates of critical supplies to warfighters.

All military packaging meets the strictest requirements for long-term corrosion protection of ferrous metals in severe environments. Daubert Cromwell products have met these standards for decades.


VCI Papers on the U.S. Dept. of Defense Qualified Products List (QPL) for MIL-PRF-3420 (Packaging Materials, Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Treated, Opaque).

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VCI Bore Tubes

VCI bore tube emitters are designed for protecting metal surfaces inside hollow cylinders, barrels, piping, tubing and similar hard-to-reach spaces.  Each tube delivers safe, effective corrosion protection.  When the tubing is removed, the part is clean, dry and ready to use without need for further recleaning or rework.

  • Corrosion inhibitor barrel tube for firearms, spares, equipment
  • Spirally-wound tubing constructed to government drawing 7266299


Daubrite VCI Disk Emitters fit in tight spaces provide corrosion protectionDaubrite Emitters

Devices that emit VCI compounds protect recessed areas within a package.  VCI devices can be inserted in hard to reach areas. Now with National Stocking Numbers

ARDEC Drawing 13027484

Premium Metal-Guard® is a safe, effective corrosion inhibitor packaging film designed to protect multi-metals during manufacture, storage and in transit. The heat sealable, low density polyethylene film has a proprietary blend of corrosion inhibitors blended throughout the film.

  • 4 mil, corrosion inhibitor poly
  • Approved military packaging per ARDEC drawing 13027484


Waxed Barrier Material, Mil-B-121

Two types of Versil-Pak pipe wrap meet the requirements of military specification MIL-B-121.

  • Versil-Pak #5-1:Mil B-121, Type 1, Grade C, Class IPolyester high strength fabric, waxed one side, laminated to barrier film and wax coated. High adhesion wax assures excellent barrier properties. It is treated to help reduce anti-microbial induced corrosion (MIC).
  • Versil-Pak #5-2:Mil B-121, Type 1, Grade C, Class 2Polyester high strength fabric, waxed two sides, laminated to barrier film and wax coated. Two-sided high adhesion wax assures excellent barrier properties. It is treated to reduce anti-microbial induced corrosion.

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