Design, test and implement a corrosion solution for shipping metal.

Daubert 360™ Field Inspection Program is a complimentary service to help metalworking and logistics companies conduct and evaluate packaging design trials for corrosion protection. Our global team works with you to design, execute, inspect and assure complete corrosion preventive solutions. The program includes study & design of all relevant processes, products, and protective packaging methods in field situations, monitoring, and inspection of shipments upon arrival.

Daubert 360™ Field Inspection Program can help you:

  • Identify and resolve rust causes
  • Eliminate unnecessary packaging
  • Optimize corrosion inhibiting processes and methods
  • Use real data to implement a corrosion-preventive packaging system proven to work.

Your parts should arrive at their destination rust-free, whether you ship them across the country or across the world. Contact us for all the details of this exclusive, comprehensive service.

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