Clean, Effective, Environmentally Friendly VCI Film, Paper, and Rust Preventive Liquids

Daubert Cromwell has a complete line of recyclable, RoHS compliant, non-nitrite, water-based, VCI products that meet most stringent international requirements.

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Clear Pak® 5000 VCI Film

Clear Pak 5000 is a nitrite-free polyethylene film with special multi-purpose corrosion inhibitors infused in the film.  It is designed for premium protection of steel and aluminum during  transport, indoor storage and in-process manufacturing.

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Rust Revenge® Water-based De-rusting Solution

Rust Revenge is a fast-acting water-based liquid that removes surface rust without scrubbing. Rust Revenge rust remover starts to work in minutes. The non-toxic, non-acidic, reusable soaking solution eliminates the need for blasting, grinding or using harsh caustics and chemicals. Neutral pH formulation bonds and removes rust, yet doesn’t affect metal compositions, plating or even non-oxide paint coatings.

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Clear Pak® BIO Film

Clear Pak BIO is a bio-based, nitrite-free, amine-free film that combines the superior rust protection you expect from Daubert Cromwell with the highest level of care for the environment and worker safety. The corrosion inhibitors in Clear Pak BIO film are all natural, derived from plants, completely nitrite-free and amine-free. Clear Pak BIO complies with the strictest occupational health, safety and environmental regulations while protecting your metal parts from corrosive elements during shipping and storage anywhere in the world.

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Nox-Rust 1200DC

Environmentally Safe Water-based VCI Solution for Closed Systems

  • Protection Time: 1-5 years indoors
  • Appearance: Clear, odorless liquid
  • Metals Protected: Continuous protection for ferrous metals, compatible with copper and galvanized steel

Does not contain phosphates, heavy metals or nitrites. Preserves equipment and piping systems that need to undergo hydrostatic testing prior to shipping or storage.  Silica-free liquid leaves no residue.

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