Renewables Preservation Technologies for Asset Integrity

Daubert Cromwell offers a complete line of corrosion preventive VCI solutions for the Renewables Industry.

  • New Wind Construction:  Corrosion protection of nacelle, gearbox, generator, control and power electronics during construction. Ocean transit, commissioning, and during maintenance operations.
  • Solar:  Photovoltaics require silver to maintain optimal electroconductive qualities. Protecting them from corrosion is critical for maintaining asset integrity.
  • Transmission & Distribution:  Platform equipment, electronics and infrastructire needs corrosion protection for extended operating and reduced replacement costs.

Silver-Guard™ Anti-Tarnish Film | Silver Saver® Anti-Tarnish Paper | Daubrite® VCI Emitters and Devices | Premium Metal-Guard® VCI Film | X-O Wrap Shrink Film | Versil-Pak Waterproof Barrier Material | Nox-Rust 1100 Lubricating VCI Oil


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Many other products are used in various components for the Oil & Gas industry. Click to see how VCI is used to prevent corrosion in many other applications.


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