The next generation of environmentally friendly, non-nitrite VCI films for aluminum and steel.

Clear Pak 5000 is a nitrite-free polyethylene film with special multi-purpose corrosion inhibitors infused in the film.  It is designed for premium protection of a wide range of ferrous metals, steel and aluminum during  transport, indoor storage and in-process manufacturing.

Protects wide range of ferrous metals, steel and aluminum

  • Environmentally Friendly - bio-based, recyclable, nitrite-free
  • Heat-sealable, tear-resistant
  • Long-term corrosion protection
  • Safe and easy to use, non-toxic
  • Parts remain clean, dry and ready to use immediately, without additional cleaning or rework
  • Compatible with Daubert Cromwell rust preventive liquids, papers, foams and emitters
  • REACH Registered, RoHS Compliant
  • Passes TL 8135 and TRGS 900 | Prop 65 Compliant | NACE TM0208 | OEM Approved

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TRGS 8135


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