NEW VCI Catalog from Daubert Cromwell

Our new VCI Catalog of Corrosion Preventive Packaging Products now available!

We have published an updated version of our comprehensive catalog of corrosion inhibitor packaging products. The new catalog includes our complete line of VCI papers, films, emitters, liquids and powders that protect metal equipment and parts from rusting during storage and shipment.

Our catalog also features:

  • A section on How VCI Works to create a moisture barrier that protects your metal parts from corrosion.
  • Wondering which VCI product to use? Our new catalog includes practical advice on choosing the right VCI corrosion preventive packaging product, depending on type of metal, environmental conditions and duration of storage.
  • User-friendly overviews of our most popular products, including military-approved papers, VCI films and bags, emitters, foam, rust preventive liquids, and rust removers.

Click here to download or email to request a catalog by mail.

You can also pick up your free copy at Pack Expo 2018! Click here for complimentary passes courtesy of Daubert Cromwell.

Visit us for FREE at PACK EXPO 2018!

Corrosion preventive (VCI) packaging for metalworking industries will be on display at Daubert Cromwell Booth E-7835 during Pack Expo, Oct. 14-17, 2018, in Chicago. Be our guest, and click here for your free comp code, a $100 value.

Experts in anti-corrosion packaging design will provide technical assistance and demonstrate uses for corrosion inhibitor films, bags, papers, liquids and devices that protect metal parts in all stages, from production to export. They will demonstrate the full range of Daubert Cromwell products, including popular rust remover Evapo-Rust.

As a global manufacturer based in suburban Chicago, Daubert Cromwell supplies VCI packaging to industries where corrosion protection is essential: automotive, heavy equipment manufacturing, fabricated metal parts, export, military, aviation and aerospace. It services industrial customers though operations in the US, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, and China.

In addition to meeting company management and technical experts, Pack Expo booth visitors can:

  • Get a free poster, “VCI Packaging Guidelines,” to post wherever metal parts are handled, wrapped and prepared for shipment.
  • Get free samples of the company’s newest VCI products, including new plant-based VCI poly film Clear Pak BIO.
  • Pick up a new full-line catalog, brand new for 2018.

Also, the Daubert Cromwell booth will be a destination in “The Amazing Packaging Race,” where teams of university students perform tasks for points in a timed race around McCormick Place. The race takes place Wednesday morning, Oct. 17.

Daubert Cromwell Opens New Plant in Brazil

ALSIP, IL USA– Daubert Cromwell, a global manufacturer of corrosion inhibitors and protective packaging for industry, recently announced its expansion into Brazil.  Daubert do Brasil, Ltda. (Daubert Brasil), is based in Limeira – SP, and manufactures, markets and sells the company’s complete line of proprietary corrosion inhibitor packaging and rust preventive liquids.

Daubert Brasil is the latest move by Daubert Cromwell, LLC to make its products available to its global customers more efficiently by manufacturing locally and providing more direct technical support.  Daubert Cromwell is headquartered in Alsip, Illinois, near Chicago.  It has other manufacturing sites in China, Slovakia, and India, as well as offices in Germany, Belgium, and Mexico.

Company President & CEO, Martin J. Simpson said, “Brazil’s already large and growing industrial sector and the concentration of multi-national automotive, heavy-equipment and industrial OEM’s, together with the unique challenges that Brazil’s climate presents, makes this a market where Daubert can provide significant value. We can now provide our specialized products and services seamlessly and effectively to metal fabricators and producers in Brazil and throughout South America.”

Daubert Brasil will manufacture and sell the company’s  globally tested and accepted brands of volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) paper and poly packaging, as well as devices and rust preventive liquids.   “Opening Daubert Brasil is the natural next step in our growth and evolution as the leader in the field of VCI packaging and corrosion prevention,” Simpson said.

Daubert Brasil is led by Jose Carlos Botecchi.  Botecchi is an experienced manufacturing executive with a long history in packaging in Brazil and a strong background in VCI technology.  He oversees all technical and manufacturing aspects of the operation in Limeira – SP as well as manages sales for Daubert Brasil along with his Brazilian team.

Ana Kammarman is the South America Sales and Business Development Manager for Daubert Cromwell.  She has a strong business background, is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. She will work out of the offices in São Paulo as well as Daubert Cromwell’s corporate headquarters in Illinois.

In announcing the appointments, Simpson said, “I am confident that the leadership team we have assembled will contribute very quickly, not only to Daubert Brasil’s overall success, but they will help further positon us as the recognized source of corrosion solutions around the world.  They know the role VCI plays in reducing the cost of corrosion and how important that is to our customers”

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