ClearPak®5000 Packaging Film Prevents Corrosion, Discoloration on Aluminum, Steel, Copper Parts

Alsip, IL - New ClearPak® 5000 poly is a tested, approved, and now globally accepted packaging film for protecting aluminum, steel and other metals during storage and transit.  Recently introduced by Daubert Cromwell, CP5000 has proven to meet international standards and customer expectations as safe, effective, corrosion inhibitor material.

In rigorous industry and OEM testing, new CP5000 earned highest ratings as a quality corrosion inhibitor (VCI) film. Specifically, CP5000:

  • Passes both TL8135-0034 and NACE TM0208, earning the highest grade possible.
  • Meets TRGS 615 and TRGS 900.
  • Is RoHS compliant
  • All corrosion inhibitors within are REACH-registered allowing for metalworking companies to import their finished goods into the Europe Union.

Actual field performance test results show CP5000 film effectively prevents rust and discoloration on properly packaged steel, copper, and aluminum alloys. The flexible, strong, transparent poly -- tinted a unique shade of Daubert® blue -- is often used as a bin liner for automotive parts and other fabricated metals.

In addition to its technical efficacy, CP5000 meets criteria as an environmentally friendly film that is safe for use in the workplace. The bio-based, nitrite-free product is non-toxic, easy to handle. It is fully recyclable.


For information about Clear Pak 5000, plant-based Clear Pak BIO film, and the full range of corrosion inhibitor products from Daubert Cromwell, call 800-535-3535, +1-708-293-7750;


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Embossed VCI Tape Grips Around Bearings to Prevent Metal Corrosion, Damage

ALSIP, IL (October, 2020) --  New corrosion inhibitor (VCI) bearing wrap from Daubert Cromwell has an embossed texture that grips, stays in place around bearings and round shapes.  The flexible, durable bearing wrap protects metal surfaces from corrosion and damage. Suitable for machine and hand-wrap applications.

Embossed VCI poly film is the newest corrosion inhibitor product from Daubert Cromwell, the leading manufacturer of corrosion inhibitor packaging for metals.  It is formulated with Premium Metal-Guard® VCI, a multi-metal corrosion inhibitor proven to protect steel, cast iron, galvanized, nickel, tinplate, and more.

Film is recyclable, non-toxic, safe for use in the workplace. It is ideal for wrapping bearings and other components when high strength, stretch and corrosion protection are needed. Use in automatic packaging machines to dramatically increase speed of production output.

VCI embossed bearing tape can also be used as a final wrap to hold layers of rust inhibiting materials next to the part during long-term storage.

Film is available in blue, black white and a range of colors, roll widths and lengths.

For complete information about embossed bearing wrap and all of Daubert Cromwell's VCI packaging products, call +1-708-293-7750;

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Testing Validates Safecote® CLV Rust Preventive for Threaded Bolt Holes

ALSIP, IL (September, 2020) – Extensive OEM testing has proven Daubert Cromwell's Safecote CLV as the best corrosion protection for threaded bolt holes on equipment stored outdoors. The water-based, low VOC coating protects internal threads without affecting torque, and does not need to be removed.

The study evaluated options to replace tape, caps and plugs that typically protect threaded areas on machinery and machine parts stored outdoors. When corrosion forms beneath those covers, it can compromise the joint and cause damage. Applying Safecote CLV on internal threads proved to provide long term protection for exposed bolt holes, making it ideal for use on metal parts, components, engines, sub-assemblies and spares.

Environmentally safe Safecote CLV leaves a waxy film on ferrous metal surfaces that hardens to a firm, water- resistant coating in about 90 minutes. The milky taupe- color coating has excellent resistance to high humidity and salt spray, for optimal protection of machinery during export and storage.

Various scenarios of bolt hole testing showed Safecote CLV to be most effective in protecting the threads over long periods of time, with negligible impact on torque coefficient. Further, it does not have to be removed before putting the part back into operation. Rental equipment stored on dealer lots, for example, can be used immediately.

For complete information about Safecote CLV and all of Daubert Cromwell's VCI packaging products, call +1-708-293-7750;

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VCI Shrink Wrap Protects Equipment Stored Outdoors Against Corrosion, UV Damage

July 2020

For Immediate Release

July, 2020 -- Preserving the quality of excess inventory stored outdoors can be challenging when it involves seasonal equipment, large and irregularly shaped machinery that is difficult to wrap and move.  To safeguard their investment, equipment dealers and OEMs are choosing to protect it against corrosion and UV rays with Daubert Cromwell VCI shrink film, now standard in 20' wide rolls.

Heavy-duty, heat-sealable, puncture-resistant VCI shrink film provides dual protection against corrosion and UV damage to metal stored outdoors. It conforms easily around bulky shapes and irregular sizes to prevent moisture, salt, and other corrosion-causing contaminants from depositing on the metal surface. Film is non-toxic, safe to handle, and completely recyclable.

Daubert Cromwell manufactures two types of exterior grade VCI/UV shrink film, both designed to prevent corrosion on ferrous/non-ferrous metal:

X-O Wrap barrier film -- Opaque, white, 10 mil thick, standard in 20' x 100' rolls.  Intended for large and outdoor barrier wrap of construction equipment, aerospace/aviation parts, rental equipment on dealer lots, large and roughly handled assemblies, and export shipments. Flexible shrink film offers a less expensive solution to crating.  Corrosion protection lasts up to 6 months outdoors; 12 months minimum indoors.

Premium Metal-Guard® shrink wrap -- Transparent, 6 mil, Daubert® blue, standard in rolls 20' x 100' and 20' x 165'.  Film replaces less-functional, non-VCI tarps and covers. Easy to handle, safe to use conventional heat shrink equipment.  Film offers an economical, effective shrink wrap option for in-process components and large parts needing corrosion protection during storage and shipment.

Both films are entirely compatible with Daubert Cromwell VCI devices that deliver corrosion protection to specific areas inside the wrapped machinery, such as Daubrite® emitters, foam pads, chips, and VCI paper.

When the equipment is ready to go back into service, simply remove the VCI film and any other supplemental VCI devices.  No further cleaning or rework is required.

For more information and application assistance, call Daubert Cromwell at 800-535-3535; +1-708-293-7750; or email

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Daubert Cromwell Expands VCI Packaging Options to Protect Metal in Military, Industrial Use

July 2020

For Immediate Release

July, 2020 -- Daubert Cromwell has expanded its selection of anti-corrosion packaging for military and industrial commercial uses with a VCI-treated bore tube that protects barrels, spares, shafts and cylindrical shapes. The spirally-wound bore tube is constructed with Daubert Cromwell's VCI paper that is qualified to U.S. Dept. of Defense to Mil-PRF-3420. The VCI tubes, most popular in 19" lengths, are designed to prevent rust inside firearms, hollow tubing, piping, and hard-to-reach narrow spaces.

Each Nox-Rust VCI bore tube is spirally wound with military grade paper that delivers safe, non-toxic, effective rust protection to steel, cast iron and ferrous alloy surfaces. The protection is dry, clean, and eliminates the need to apply oils or liquids. When the tubing is removed, the part is ready to use without need for further cleaning or rework. Tubes are fully recyclable and repulpable.

To use, place a VCI bore tube into the length of a clean, dry cylinder shape up to 1" diameter. Close off both ends to maintain the packaging environment. The corrosion protection will last up to 24 months in proper storage conditions.

For metal parts of ferrous/non-ferrous combinations, fabricators often choose to package finished components in military-listed Premium Metal-Guard VCI film for added barrier protection. The VCI poly film is available in bag sizes small enough to contain trigger assemblies, and large enough to cover entire units aboard ships.

For complete information about corrosion inhibitor packaging for military and commercial applications, call at 800-535-3535; +1-708-293-7750; or email

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Introducing Nox-Rust® 1150 Rust Preventive Coating: Easy to Remove Corrosion Protective Liquid

June 2020

For Immediate Release

ALSIP, IL (June, 2020) – New Nox-Rust® 1150 rust preventive coating protects unpainted machinery in shipping crates without smearing, and without waiting for it to cure. The thick, distinctive blue coating protects metal against corrosion for up to 5 years, and can be removed by pressure wash or simply wiping off with a cloth in some applications. Ideal for fabricated metals packed in wood crates, on pallets, in corrugated and other acidic packaging that can cause corrosion.

Exposed metal that is protected with Nox-Rust 1150 can be packaged immediately without waiting, which improves the speed of handling and reduces cost of labor. The solvent-free, thixotropic coating sets up quickly, stays soft and grease-like and is self-healing.

Export shipment tests proved that the blue oil-based coating provides superior corrosion protection for machined metals subjected to harsh shipping and outdoor environments. It is easy to apply, has a high flash point, and requires no special cleaning procedures, making it safe for use in the workplace.

The leading manufacturer of heavy-duty construction equipment has approved Nox-Rust 1150 as a long-term corrosion preventive for metals stored indoors or outdoors, and during shipping.

Available in 5-gal. pails and 55-gall drums, Nox-Rust 1150 is compatible with other Daubert Cromwell VCI packaging products, including VCI shrink film, making it suitable for use in packaging large and irregularly shaped equipment. For application assistance and product samples, call Daubert Cromwell at +1-708-293-7750 or email

About Daubert Cromwell
Since the 1940’s, Daubert Cromwell has set the standard for corrosion preventive packaging in industry. Its VCI films, papers, liquids, emitters and specialty products are used worldwide to protect metal and metal parts in automotive, electronics, military, aerospace, heavy equipment and energy industries. For more information or to view the company’s range of VCI products, call 800-535-3535 or visit

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Introducing Nox-Rust® 5400 as a Weldable Rust Preventive Liquid

June 2020

For Immediate Release

Nox-Rust® 5400 Corrosion Inhibitor Coating Also Proven As Effective Weldable RP

ALSIP, IL (June, 2020) – The metalworking industry's most recognized rust preventive liquid is now proven effective also as a weldable RP, according to new testing by a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment. Daubert Cromwell's Nox-Rust 5400 VCI oil is shown to be a safe, ready-to-use, weldable coating that protects metal surfaces without affecting the quality of the weld. Corrosion protection on welded metals lasts for up to 5 years, indoors.

Nox-Rust 5400 is known as an effective corrosion inhibitor, providing protection for cold rolled steel and metal stampings, as well as metal parts used in the automotive, heavy equipment and machinery industries. The light oil leaves a lubricating, corrosion preventive film that will not interfere with stamping or processing oils. Now it’s clear that Nox-Rust 5400 doesn’t interfere with the welding process, either. Recent tests showed plates protected with Nox-Rust 5400 could be welded together without having to remove the protective coating with solvents or cleaning solution. The welding process and the weld itself were unaffected. Nox-Rust 5400 does not compromise weld quality or contribute to hydrogen induced cracking.

During side-by-side comparative testing, Nox-Rust 5400 was observed to produce minimal weld splatter and did not require as frequent cleaning of the weld nozzle, both important workplace cost-saving considerations.

Ready-to-use Nox-Rust 5400 is available in 11 oz. aerosol spray, 5-gal pails and 55-gal drums. For more information, contact Daubert Cromwell at +1-708-293-7750;

About Daubert Cromwell
Since the 1940’s, Daubert Cromwell has set the standard for corrosion preventive packaging in industry. Its VCI films, papers, liquids, emitters and specialty products are used worldwide to protect metal and metal parts in automotive, electronics, military, aerospace, heavy equipment and energy industries. For more information or to view the company’s range of VCI products, call 800-535-3535 or visit

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Daubert Cromwell Successfully Completes Requirements for European Union REACH Registration

June 2020

For Immediate Release

Daubert Cromwell Successfully Completes Requirements for European Union REACH Registration

June, 2020 -- Daubert Cromwell, the leading manufacturer of corrosion inhibitor packaging for industry, has successfully completed all the requirements for certification with the European Union's REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) Regulation. This important distinction means Daubert Cromwell can provide multi-national customers with an uninterrupted supply of VCI papers, films and devices that meet conditions of environmental safety set by the European Chemicals Agency.

REACH requires all companies that manufacture or import chemical substances into the EU to address the potential impacts on both human health and the environment. After years of research into how best to comply with the ruling and meet the packaging requirements of metalworking markets, Daubert Cromwell chose to register substances used in a broad range of best-selling VCI products in the categories of papers, films and devices. The assigned REACH registration numbers cover popular VCI papers MasterShield® and PowerShield®, and global brands of VCI films including Premium Metal-Guard®, ClearPak® BIO and ClearPak5000.

"We made a substantial commitment of time, financial and technical resources to meet all of the requirements necessary to be REACH registered," said Daubert Cromwell President & CEO Martin J. Simpson. "Our customers cannot afford to have their shipments into the EU delayed, or rejected, because the packaging used to protect their valuable machinery is not officially registered. We want to provide customers with the quality VCI products they need, regardless of location, without worry they will be held up or penalized for non-compliance."

Daubert Cromwell's corporate and manufacturing headquarters is in the US. Subsidiaries operate in Europe, China, Mexico and Brazil All locations supply its established VCI products and brands across a wide range of metalworking markets, including automotive, heavy equipment, electronics, fabricated metal parts, military, and energy. For clarification about REACH compliant VCI in specific applications, contact Technical Services at 800-535-3535; +1-708-293-7750;


About Daubert Cromwell

Since the 1940’s, Daubert Cromwell has set the standard for corrosion preventive packaging in industry. Its VCI films, papers, liquids, emitters and specialty products are used worldwide to protect metal and metal parts in automotive, electronics, military, aerospace, heavy equipment and energy industries. For more information or to view the company’s range of VCI products, call 800-535-3535 or visit

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OneSource and Daubert Cromwell Align to Protect, Preserve Offshore Rigs

April 2020

For Immediate Release

OneSource and Daubert Cromwell Align to Protect, Preserve Offshore Rigs

Alsip, IL, USA  (April, 2020) – OneSource AS, the Norway-based preservation solution provider for on shore and offshore oil and gas and offshore rig preservation for stacking and lay-ups, has partnered with VCI manufacturer Daubert Cromwell to offer its comprehensive services globally.

This strategic alliance combines the best technical expertise in greenfield and brownfield projects, stacking, preservation and engineering with the VCI solutions proven to protect and extend the life of industrial equipment.

OneSource is recognized worldwide for delivering procedures, products and personnel for projects and long/short-term lay-ups, on time and on budget. By focusing on preservation as an integral part of maintenance services, it can cover the entire lifecycle of customer assets.

In addition to its Norwegian operation, OneSource has on-site presence in Singapore, Vietnam, Korea and Nigeria.

Daubert Cromwell manufactures and supplies OneSource with its full range of field-tested and proven VCI products for shutdown and stacking projects.  It offers the most effective and customer-specified rust preventive oils, VCI films, plus emitters that meet NORSOK requirements.

Daubert Cromwell is ISO certified, RoHS and REACH compliant. Corporate headquarters is in the US, with subsidiaries operating in Brazil, China, Europe and Mexico.

For project assistance and more information about on/offshore and onshore rig preservation, contact;

OneSource Norway;

Tom Magne Schei, +47 979 72 007,
Marius Marker, +47-922 13 503,

Singapore, Asia HUB

Jørn Karlsen +65 85555299,
Niko Aw +65 84443888,

Daubert Cromwell:

Scott Kotvis, +1-630-258-5138,

About Daubert Cromwell:

Daubert Cromwell is a global manufacturer of corrosion prevention products. Since 1948, it has been the choice of automotive, heavy equipment, electronics, military, aerospace, and metal fabricators in the US and around the world.   Based in Alsip, Illinois, USA, Daubert Cromwell has manufacturing operations, sales offices and qualified technicians wherever corrosion control expertise is required.

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Daubert Cromwell to Remain Operational Supplying the Critical Manufacturing Sector

March 20, 2020

For Immediate Release

A Message To Our Valued Customers, Suppliers, Distribution Partners and Stake Holders

Alsip, IL (March 20, 2020) - Daubert Cromwell, LLC, takes seriously the stay-at-home order issued by Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker earlier today. As an “essential business”, we intend to remain in operation throughout the shutdown, in order to continue to support the critical and vitally important industries we serve.

Daubert Cromwell is a manufacturer of chemicals and chemically treated protective packaging considered critical in the manufacture, transport and storage of items produced by companies at the core of the Critical Manufacturing Sector, as described by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This sector includes companies engaged in:

  • Primary Metals Manufacturing
    • Iron and Steel Mills and Ferrous Alloy Manufacturing
    • Alumina and Aluminum Production and Processing
    • Nonferrous Metal Production and Processing
  • Machinery Manufacturing
    • Engine and Turbine Manufacturing
    • Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing
    • Earth Moving, Mining, Agricultural, and Construction Equipment Manufacturing
  • Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing
    • Electric Motor Manufacturing
    • Transformer Manufacturing
    • Generator Manufacturing
  • Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
    • Vehicles and Commercial Ships Manufacturing
    • Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturing
    • Locomotives, Railroad and Transit Cars, and Rail Track Equipment Manufacturing

We are a direct supplier to companies in each of these segments. Our products are essential to these core manufacturing industries which in turn are essential to many other critical infrastructure sectors.

In addition, Daubert Cromwell is one of only a few qualified suppliers of corrosion protective packaging to the US military and military contractors, for the protection of arms, munitions and critical equipment. Specification and qualifications include:

  • U.S. Dept. of Defense – MIL-PRF-3420H, VCI treated paper packaging
  • U.S. Army – ARDEC Drawing 13027484, preservation of material utilizing VCI heat sealed bags
  • U.S. Federal Government System of Award Management (SAM), Cage Code 3D2D9
  • Government Services Administration (GSA) National Stocking Number (NSN) for VCI papers and emitters
  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) contract holder for military operations
  • Qualified supplier to military and defense distributors

Of course, our primary concern must be the safety and health of our employees. We will be exercising extreme caution during all aspects of operation and employing, at a minimum, the practices recommended by the CDC. In addition, any employees who can work remotely are already working from home. Anyone not essential to the physical operation of the facility will be prohibited from entering. Delivery drivers and necessary support service providers will be required to wear masks upon entering the facility.

Daubert Cromwell, LLC, intends to continue the important work of supporting critical segments of our economy and providing essential services so that our customers can meet their commitments, to the benefit of national security and public well-being.


Martin J. Simpson

President and CEO
Daubert Cromwell, LLC &
Daubert VCI, Inc.

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