Introducing Daubrite® 10 Disk Emitter in Ventilated Case

Safe, clean, effective VCI protection device

ALSIP, IL (April, 2024) –   Daubert Cromwell has expanded its line of corrosion inhibitor devices with a new style VCI emitter for use inside cabinets, crates and enclosures. New Daubrite® 10 Blue VCI Emitter is a round, ventilated, blue disk shape that is easy to install and use inside 10 cu. ft. of space. Safe to handle and fully recyclable.

The corrosion protection begins immediately after the emitter is removed from its packaging and affixed inside the enclosure. Adhesive tape on the back sticks firmly to walls of metal cabinets, equipment and containers. The ventilated case allows the VCI to volatize inside the space to form an invisible layer of protection on steel, copper, zinc and multi-metal surfaces lasting up to 24 months. The bright blue color makes the unit immediately visible and recognizable as a valuable corrosion inhibitor device. Ideal for use inside crates, electronic and telecom equipment, tool boxes, energy equipment, mechanical controls, and control panels.

Daubrite 10 Blue VCI emitters are individually packaged, sold 10 pieces per case.    Daubert Cromwell also manufactures and sells other types of VCI emitters that provide clean, dry corrosion protection inside spaces from 1 cu. ft. to 900 cu. ft.

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Since the 1940’s, Daubert Cromwell has set the standard for corrosion preventive packaging in industry.   Its VCI films, papers, liquids, emitters and specialty products are used worldwide to protect metal and metal parts in automotive, electronics, military, aerospace, heavy equipment and energy industries. For more information or to view the company’s range of VCI products, call 800-535-3535 or visit