Daubrite® 10 Emitter in Protective, Ventilated Case

Daubrite® 10 Blue Disk Emitters prevent corrosion on exposed metals in 10 cu. ft. of enclosed space. Encased in a ventilated, round, blue, plastic shell, the corrosion inhibitors in each device will protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals for 24 months.

  • Easy to handle, safe to use.
  • Bright blue case, 2 5/8” dia. x 7/8” thick, is visible inside a cabinet, box, or crate.
  • VCI protection begins immediately it is affixed to the enclosure using self-stick tape provided.
  • Non-toxic, fully recyclable.
  • Clean, dry corrosion protection lasts up to 24 months.

Ideal for use inside:

  • Large equipment and machinery
  • Shipping crates
  • Electronic and telecom equipment
  • Energy equipment
  • Mechanical control panels

Daubrite 10 Blue VCI emitters are individually packaged for quality, sold 10 per box.


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