VCI Packaging for Multi-Metals

Daubert Cromwell has a wide selection of VCI papers to stop rust and corrosion on multi-metal equipment and parts.  All have a proprietary Daubert Cromwell corrosion inhibitor formulation that stops rust and corrosion on ferrous/non-ferrous combinations, including cadmium and zinc galvanized steel.

VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) paper emerges is a versatile solution for safeguarding multi-metal parts against corrosion, offering an innovative approach to preservation. By emitting corrosion-inhibiting molecules, this paper forms an imperceptible shield on the surfaces of diverse metal components. This protective layer acts as a barrier, preventing the intrusion of moisture, oxygen, and corrosive agents that can lead to rust and degradation. Ideal for mixed-metal assemblies and intricate parts, Daubert Cromwell's multi-metal VCI papers ensure comprehensive and uniform protection across various metals, eliminating the need for individualized treatment methods. This not only simplifies the preservation process but also prolongs the lifespan and functionality of multi-metal parts during storage, shipment, and application across industries like manufacturing, electronics, Automotive, Aerospace & Military, Energy/Oil & Gas, Energy/Renewables, Export & Shipping, Heavy Equipment, and Metalworking.


VCI Paper & Emitters for Multi-Metal Protection

The Uniwrap family of VCI papers is the most universal corrosion inhibitor for ferrrous, non-ferrous and multi-metal combinations.



Reinforced VCI Papers for Multi-Metals

Reinforced VCI Paper for maximum strength and tear resistance

  • PC50MPI Scrim, poly-coated, tri-directional scrim designed to work as sheeting and interleaving material between heavy steel rolls and pallets
  • Uniwrap 94MPI Woven, heavy-duty, durable, reinforced paper where maximum strength and tear resistance is needed, such as in coil wrap


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