VCI Shrink Wrap Protects Equipment Stored Outdoors Against Corrosion, UV Damage

July 2020

For Immediate Release

July, 2020 -- Preserving the quality of excess inventory stored outdoors can be challenging when it involves seasonal equipment, large and irregularly shaped machinery that is difficult to wrap and move.  To safeguard their investment, equipment dealers and OEMs are choosing to protect it against corrosion and UV rays with Daubert Cromwell VCI shrink film, now standard in 20' wide rolls.

Heavy-duty, heat-sealable, puncture-resistant VCI shrink film provides dual protection against corrosion and UV damage to metal stored outdoors. It conforms easily around bulky shapes and irregular sizes to prevent moisture, salt, and other corrosion-causing contaminants from depositing on the metal surface. Film is non-toxic, safe to handle, and completely recyclable.

Daubert Cromwell manufactures two types of exterior grade VCI/UV shrink film, both designed to prevent corrosion on ferrous/non-ferrous metal:

X-O Wrap barrier film -- Opaque, white, 10 mil thick, standard in 20' x 100' rolls.  Intended for large and outdoor barrier wrap of construction equipment, aerospace/aviation parts, rental equipment on dealer lots, large and roughly handled assemblies, and export shipments. Flexible shrink film offers a less expensive solution to crating.  Corrosion protection lasts up to 6 months outdoors; 12 months minimum indoors.

Premium Metal-Guard® shrink wrap -- Transparent, 6 mil, Daubert® blue, standard in rolls 20' x 100' and 20' x 165'.  Film replaces less-functional, non-VCI tarps and covers. Easy to handle, safe to use conventional heat shrink equipment.  Film offers an economical, effective shrink wrap option for in-process components and large parts needing corrosion protection during storage and shipment.

Both films are entirely compatible with Daubert Cromwell VCI devices that deliver corrosion protection to specific areas inside the wrapped machinery, such as Daubrite® emitters, foam pads, chips, and VCI paper.

When the equipment is ready to go back into service, simply remove the VCI film and any other supplemental VCI devices.  No further cleaning or rework is required.

For more information and application assistance, call Daubert Cromwell at 800-535-3535; +1-708-293-7750; or email