Introducing Nox-Rust® 1150 Rust Preventive Coating: Easy to Remove Corrosion Protective Liquid

June 2020

For Immediate Release

ALSIP, IL (June, 2020) – New Nox-Rust® 1150 rust preventive coating protects unpainted machinery in shipping crates without smearing, and without waiting for it to cure. The thick, distinctive blue coating protects metal against corrosion for up to 5 years, and can be removed by pressure wash or simply wiping off with a cloth in some applications. Ideal for fabricated metals packed in wood crates, on pallets, in corrugated and other acidic packaging that can cause corrosion.

Exposed metal that is protected with Nox-Rust 1150 can be packaged immediately without waiting, which improves the speed of handling and reduces cost of labor. The solvent-free, thixotropic coating sets up quickly, stays soft and grease-like and is self-healing.

Export shipment tests proved that the blue oil-based coating provides superior corrosion protection for machined metals subjected to harsh shipping and outdoor environments. It is easy to apply, has a high flash point, and requires no special cleaning procedures, making it safe for use in the workplace.

The leading manufacturer of heavy-duty construction equipment has approved Nox-Rust 1150 as a long-term corrosion preventive for metals stored indoors or outdoors, and during shipping.

Available in 5-gal. pails and 55-gall drums, Nox-Rust 1150 is compatible with other Daubert Cromwell VCI packaging products, including VCI shrink film, making it suitable for use in packaging large and irregularly shaped equipment. For application assistance and product samples, call Daubert Cromwell at +1-708-293-7750 or email

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