Silver Saver® Anti-Tarnish Packaging

Daubert Cromwell Silver Saver is the worldwide standard in protecting silver from tarnish. It protects silver and other metals without leaving residue on the surface. non-toxic, safe and easy to use.

  • Sulfur-free.
  • Will not affect solder, conductivity or surface resistivity.
  • Protects silver, gold, and noble metals from tarnish by absorbing hydrogen sulfide and other elements in the environment.
  • Designed for use in storing and shipping electrical components, wire, aerospace and automotive components.

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"I came across some of your Silver Saver bags and someone had written 1996 on the front. I looked inside and the silver jewelry did not have any tarnish on it. It looked freshly polished. These bags are amazing!"

- Lisa V.

Other Specialty Anti-Tarnish Papers:

  • Alumitex® - protects aluminum, galvanized steel and lead alloys
  • Coppertex® - protects copper from corrosion and tarnish
silver saver anti-tarnish paper from Daubert Cromwell

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