Protect copper from corrosion and tarnish.
Coppertex packaging paper protects copper, brass, bronze, and other copper alloys from tarnish and corrosion.

  • Nitrite-free, 35lb./57 gsm² natural kraft
  • Saturated both sides with a specially formulated Daubert Cromwell volatile corrosion inhibitor

How to protect copper from tarnishing: use Coppertex as an interleaver for wrapping copper sheets and tubing; as wrap for copper wire and cable; and to individually wrap parts and components used in automotive and electronics assemblies.

Many uses and applications:

  • Electronics: copper wire, circuit boards, test equipment, electrical connectors and contacts, electric parts, cable reels
  • Aerospace components that are electroplated with copper - protects copper wire and cable in electrical assemblies
  • Copper foil used in manufacturing processes
  • Copper plated wires, wiring harnesses, cables
  • Fabricated copper components such as washers, tube coils, tire bead, caps, lugs
  • Welding/brazing wire
  • Copper sheets, bars, tubing
  • Protect slower moving inventory of copper components

Other Specialty Anti-Tarnish Papers:

  • Alumitex® - protects aluminum, galvanized steel and lead alloys
  • Silver Saver® - protects silver, gold, and noble metals
how to keep copper from tarnishing

how to keep copper from tarnishing


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