Embossed VCI Tape Grips Around Bearings to Prevent Metal Corrosion, Damage

ALSIP, IL (October, 2020) --  New corrosion inhibitor (VCI) bearing wrap from Daubert Cromwell has an embossed texture that grips, stays in place around bearings and round shapes.  The flexible, durable bearing wrap protects metal surfaces from corrosion and damage. Suitable for machine and hand-wrap applications.

Embossed VCI poly film is the newest corrosion inhibitor product from Daubert Cromwell, the leading manufacturer of corrosion inhibitor packaging for metals.  It is formulated with Premium Metal-Guard® VCI, a multi-metal corrosion inhibitor proven to protect steel, cast iron, galvanized, nickel, tinplate, and more.

Film is recyclable, non-toxic, safe for use in the workplace. It is ideal for wrapping bearings and other components when high strength, stretch and corrosion protection are needed. Use in automatic packaging machines to dramatically increase speed of production output.

VCI embossed bearing tape can also be used as a final wrap to hold layers of rust inhibiting materials next to the part during long-term storage.

Film is available in blue, black white and a range of colors, roll widths and lengths.

For complete information about embossed bearing wrap and all of Daubert Cromwell's VCI packaging products, call +1-708-293-7750; info@daubertcromwell.com.