Testing Validates Safecote® CLV Rust Preventive for Threaded Bolt Holes

ALSIP, IL (September, 2020) – Extensive OEM testing has proven Daubert Cromwell's Safecote CLV as the best corrosion protection for threaded bolt holes on equipment stored outdoors. The water-based, low VOC coating protects internal threads without affecting torque, and does not need to be removed.

The study evaluated options to replace tape, caps and plugs that typically protect threaded areas on machinery and machine parts stored outdoors. When corrosion forms beneath those covers, it can compromise the joint and cause damage. Applying Safecote CLV on internal threads proved to provide long term protection for exposed bolt holes, making it ideal for use on metal parts, components, engines, sub-assemblies and spares.

Environmentally safe Safecote CLV leaves a waxy film on ferrous metal surfaces that hardens to a firm, water- resistant coating in about 90 minutes. The milky taupe- color coating has excellent resistance to high humidity and salt spray, for optimal protection of machinery during export and storage.

Various scenarios of bolt hole testing showed Safecote CLV to be most effective in protecting the threads over long periods of time, with negligible impact on torque coefficient. Further, it does not have to be removed before putting the part back into operation. Rental equipment stored on dealer lots, for example, can be used immediately.

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