Protek Wrap VCI Paper

Designed for general protection of ferrous metals, including steel and cast iron.

Safely and conveniently protect your valuable metal parts and assemblies without the need for surface applied oils or rust protective liquids.

No special  handling is required. Protek Wrap VCI papers are non-toxic, RoHS compliant, and OEM approved. They contain no heavy metals, chromates, phosphates, or secondary amines and are available in nitrite-free formulations.

Protek Wrap VCI paper is made of natural kraft saturated throughout with Daubert Cromwell’s proprietary ferrous volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) formulation. Protek Wrap VCI paper has corrosion inhibitors on both sides and 6-language print on one side to identify it as valuable packaging for metals. Also available in rolls, cut sheets, and custom sizes.

Use for transport, export and storage of:

  • Fabricated metal components and assemblies
  • Engines and large machinery
  • Assemblies, frames, stampings, doors, etc.
  • Bearings, gears, valves and pistons
  • Brake parts, automotive parts

Protek Wrap® Product Family


Basis Weight



PW30 30 lb/49 g/m² Natural Kraft General protection
PW30H 30 lb/49 g/m² Natural Kraft Nitrite-free
PW31 30 lb/49 g/m² Natural Kraft, Wax Coated Enhanced molding barrier properties
PW32 35 lb/57 g/m² Natural Kraft General protection
PW32H 35 lb/57 g/m² Natural Kraft Nitrite-free
PW33 35 lb/57 g/m² Natural Kraft, Wax Coated Enhanced molding  barrier properties
PW33H 35 lb/57 g/m² Wax-coated, Natural kraft Nitrite-free
PW60 60 lb/98 g/m² Natural Kraft General protection
PW60H 60 lb/98 g/m² Natural Kraft, Nitrite-Free General protection
PW78CH 100 lb/163 g/m2 Natural Kraft, Creped Improved wrapping and strength properties


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