Daubert Cromwell Successfully Completes Requirements for European Union REACH Registration

June 2020

For Immediate Release

Daubert Cromwell Successfully Completes Requirements for European Union REACH Registration

June, 2020 -- Daubert Cromwell, the leading manufacturer of corrosion inhibitor packaging for industry, has successfully completed all the requirements for certification with the European Union's REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) Regulation. This important distinction means Daubert Cromwell can provide multi-national customers with an uninterrupted supply of VCI papers, films and devices that meet conditions of environmental safety set by the European Chemicals Agency.

REACH requires all companies that manufacture or import chemical substances into the EU to address the potential impacts on both human health and the environment. After years of research into how best to comply with the ruling and meet the packaging requirements of metalworking markets, Daubert Cromwell chose to register substances used in a broad range of best-selling VCI products in the categories of papers, films and devices. The assigned REACH registration numbers cover popular VCI papers MasterShield® and PowerShield®, and global brands of VCI films including Premium Metal-Guard®, ClearPak® BIO and ClearPak5000.

"We made a substantial commitment of time, financial and technical resources to meet all of the requirements necessary to be REACH registered," said Daubert Cromwell President & CEO Martin J. Simpson. "Our customers cannot afford to have their shipments into the EU delayed, or rejected, because the packaging used to protect their valuable machinery is not officially registered. We want to provide customers with the quality VCI products they need, regardless of location, without worry they will be held up or penalized for non-compliance."

Daubert Cromwell's corporate and manufacturing headquarters is in the US. Subsidiaries operate in Europe, China, Mexico and Brazil All locations supply its established VCI products and brands across a wide range of metalworking markets, including automotive, heavy equipment, electronics, fabricated metal parts, military, and energy. For clarification about REACH compliant VCI in specific applications, contact Technical Services at 800-535-3535; +1-708-293-7750; info@daubertcromwell.com.


About Daubert Cromwell

Since the 1940’s, Daubert Cromwell has set the standard for corrosion preventive packaging in industry. Its VCI films, papers, liquids, emitters and specialty products are used worldwide to protect metal and metal parts in automotive, electronics, military, aerospace, heavy equipment and energy industries. For more information or to view the company’s range of VCI products, call 800-535-3535 or visit www.daubertcromwell.com.