Rust Revenge® Rust Removing Liquid 5-Gallon Pail


Remove rust without harming metal parts and components. 

  • Liquid Rust Removing Solution
  • Size:  5-gallon Pail
  • Min. Qty:  1 Pail
  • Qty/Box:  1 Pail per box

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Fast acting, non-toxic Rust Revenge rust removing liquid is a safe, pH-neutral, acid-free soaking solution that easily removes rust from immersed parts such as engines, auto parts, gears, bearings and tools.

  • Soaks away rust
  • Easy and safe to use – no special treatment is required
  • Water-based, reusable
  • Safe on multiple surfaces. No VOCs or HAPSs, non-toxic
  • pH-neutral, non-acidic and safe for people and the environment

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Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 16 in