The chemical nature of iron and steel makes these metals more susceptible to corrosion than any other metals. Typical multi-purpose corrosion inhibitors don't have the ability to protect metal grades at the extreme ends of the ferrous and non-ferrous spectrum. They simply do not have the power and anti-corrosion chemistry it takes to protect iron and steel under severe conditions. Daubert Cromwell Ferro-Film is a VCI film specifically formulated to protect iron and steel during all stages of packaging, shipping and storage.

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Ferro-Film XP

Military Qualified VCI Film

New Ferro-Film XP passes the U.S. government’s highest standards for corrosion inhibitor polyethylene packaging. It is on the “Qualified Product List” for Mil-PRF-22019 as a corrosion-inhibitor treated, flexible barrier material. Used by military suppliers and contractors required to use government-specified packaging.

Testing proves Ferro-Film XP is an excellent barrier against oil, water and moisture, and has superior strength against punctures.  Film is clear, transparent, with military-required print that is clean and won’t rub off. In addition, the non-stick formulation of Ferro-Film XP makes it ideal for converting into heat-sealed bags, in the types and sizes as needed for military packaging applications.

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