Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Packaging for Metals Featured at IMTS “Spark” 2020

September, 2020 – Corrosion preventive packaging for metals will be featured in Daubert Cromwell’s Virtual Showroom on IMTS Spark, September 14-18, 2020.  The virtual showroom, which replaces the previously scheduled in-person event, will highlight the anti-rust films, papers and liquids that IMTS visitors would have seen at the Daubert Cromwell booth in Chicago.

Daubert Cromwell's online exhibit will have VCI product line details plus opportunities to connect with corrosion prevention experts in the metalworking industry. Visitors can contact us through the showroom to request:

  • Free web-based training on proper use of VCI packaging to protect metal surfaces during storage and shipment. Manufacturers can sign up teams of packaging engineers, quality managers, buyers and others responsible for eliminating corrosion on fabricated parts.
  • A free poster, "Do's and Don'ts of VCI Packaging," suitable for hanging in plants where metal parts are handled or wrapped for shipment.
  • A free mask lanyard to wear at work.  No more forgetting, misplacing, or stuffing it into a pocket.

For complete information, go to the IMTS Spark website, or contact Daubert Cromwell direct at 800-535-3535;  +1-708-293-7750;

by Karen Clements News