VCI Papers for Protection of Multi Metals

Daubert Cromwell has a wide selection of VCI papers to stop rust and corrosion on multi-metal equipment and parts.  All have a proprietary Daubert Cromwell vapor corrosion inhibitor formulation that stops rust and corrosion on ferrous/non-ferrous combinations, including cadmium and zinc galvanized steel.



VCI Paper & Emitters for Multi-Metal Protection

The Uniwrap family of VCI papers is the most universal corrosion inhibitor for ferrrous, non-ferrous and multi-metal combinations. It's ideal for applications where metals vary.

  • Uniwrap MPI, in basis weights from 30 to 60 lbs., plus other substrates.
  • Uniwrap 33MPI, with wax coating for hand-wrapping small parts, making the paper moldable and moisture-resistant.
  • Uniwrap MPI chips, easy to use in hard-to-reach voids and spaces.
  • Uniwrap 200, a nitrite-free VCI paper.

Reinforced VCI Papers

Reinforced VCI Paper for maximum strength and tear resistance

  • Uniwrap 94MPI Woven, heavy-duty, durable, reinforced paper where maximum strength and tear resistance is needed, such as in coil wrap.
  • PC50MPI Scrim, poly-coated, tri-directional scrim designed to work as sheeting and interleaving material between heavy steel rolls and pallets.
  • PC50H Scrim, nitrite-free
  • 40PCMPIpoly-coated, heavy weight paper that works as a corrosion inhibitor and moisture barrier.


The Global standard in multi-metal corrosion protection in automotive, heavy equipment, electronics, military, railroad, foundry, stamping and other international metal markets where corrosion prevention is critical.

Daubert Cromwell has a global sales team coordinating customer requirements in China, Mexico, Europe, South America, Asia, and wherever Daubert Cromwell products are specified.

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